Being a parent is the most difficult job any of us will ever have.  The stresses and strains of parenting are very real.  Parents, especially today, need help and support.  Parents have many questions and I am available to answer them.

Parents are an essential part of my treatment team.  With children and younger adolescents, I routinely “check-in” with parents before and/or after an appointment to gather information about family life, offer support, and provide suggestions for behavior management.  I may be less involved with the parents of older adolescents, depending on the needs of the teenager and family in treatment.  With any of my child/adolescent clients, I might offer joint parent-child sessions, joint sibling sessions, or facilitate family sessions to work through specific problems, develop skills, or practice specific behaviors. Individual parenting consultation for parents who do not currently have a child or adolescent in treatment is also available. 

Areas of Expertise in Parenting include:

  • Behavior Management - Limits; Boundaries; Consequences
  • Family Conflict
  • Parent-Child Communication
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Separation and/or Divorce
  • Stepparenting Issues
  • Grief and Loss
  • Parenting for  - Depression; Anxiety; ADHD; ODD; LD; Giftedness; ASD; Medical Issues
  • At Risk Behaviors - Substance Use; Self Harm; Suicidality 
  • Referrals for Psychological Testing
  • Referrals for Psychiatric/Medication Evaluations
  • Consultation with Schools - Behavior; Special Education; IEP's; 504 Plans; Giftedness
  • Love and Logic® Parent Education and Support

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